Alla Furman offers over 20 years experience representing clients in the sale, purchase, or lease of luxury properties in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and the Sunset Strip.  Alla Furman is passionate for great homes, great people and great designs and brings joy into the highly-competitive world of luxury real estate. Alla Furman is an associate manager and real estate agent at Hilton & Hyland , a Beverly Hills-based luxury real estate agency.  Alla’s expertise is high-end residential properties and leases. In 2013 Alla was featured on Curbed Los Angeles for being on the top 20 of real estate agents in city of Los Angeles, with over $42 million in sales volume. Born in Ukraine and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Alla Furman is fluent in Russian and offers a superb international perspective and business experience.  Alla has over 20 years experience and understands the complexities and discretion required throughout a high-end real estate transaction. Alla Furman has a relentless desire to provide a smooth, organized, and favorable outcome for her clients. Alla Furman seeks to educate her clients not only about the market in general, but seeks to present numerous home options to her clients; exposing them to other possibilities, such as exclusive pocket listings. She seeks to make the buying and selling experience educational, fun, and enjoyable. Through real estate, Alla Furman is able to combine her love and passion for people, homes, and great interior design into one medium.She believes that good communication is absolutely essential in the relationship with her clients. Alla likes to educate her clients on the various opportunities and options that exist in the real estate market, and tries to make the selling and buying process enjoyable, fun and educational.If you’re looking to invest, buy or sell a property in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area, do not hesitate to contact Alla Furman, and she will be more than happy to assist you with anything you might need.